What is counselling

Hope, Support and Help

Whether you’re unhappy with something, someone or yourself, facing something huge, or are putting up with things you don't want to any more

We can help you with anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties and many other issues.

Whether you come with very clear goals, or with a more general feeling of unease, at Counselling in Taunton we draw on our skills, experience and training to offer safe, highly professional counselling tailored to you to help you move forward. As Accredited Counsellors we have a higher level of training and clinical experience which is practiced according to strict professional and ethical guidelines.

Counselling in Taunton is run by Becky Marsh and Josephine Waugh both BACP Registered and Accredited Counsellors.

Counselling in Taunton


Counselling provides a safe place to talk about past experiences or current difficulties that are affecting your quality of life. It is an opportunity to get a neutral view from a profession outside of the situation. We are integrative counsellors so we use a variety of ways of helping you think through your problems. We work with you to in a therapeutic alliance and always do our best to explain things without using jargon and invite you to tell us regularly how counselling is working for you (or not) so that we can make changes if we need to.

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Becky Marsh

Reg MBACP Accredited

Tel: 07969210443
Email: beckymarshcounsellor@yahoo.com

Josephine Waugh

Reg MBACP Accredited

Tel: 07554 478383
Email: josephine@counsellingintaunton.org